Outernet L-band on Linux desktop

This guide demonstrates the process of installing and running the 0uternet SDR demodulator and decoder software on a desktop Linux operating system. As of this writing, only 64-bit versions of Linux are supported. 32-bit version are in the works.

As part of the software repository, a Vagrantfile is provided for use with Vagrant and VirtualBox. This file can be used to (automatically) install and run all the required software on any computer that supports VirtualBox (including Windows and OSX).


This guide is a work in progress and may contain wrong and/or incomplete information. Please use the issue tracker or our forums to discuss any problems you encounter.

version 1.0a8
status unstable/draft


The binary files closed-source are released under the proprietary freeware licenses:

The scripts in the repository including any example scripts found in the documentation folder are released under GNU GPL version 3 or any later version. See COPYING for more information, or visit the GPL homepage.

The documentation, except example scripts found in the docs directory, is released under GNU FDL version 1.3 or any later version. See COPYING.docs for more information, or visit the FDL homepage.