Software installationΒΆ

In this section, we will install all the necessary software and ensure the system is prepared to run it. The next section will discuss the programs’ usage.

Installing the softtwareΒΆ

Download the Outernet demodulator/decoder kit and untar it:

$ wget -O outernet.tar.gz
$ tar xvf outernet.tar.gz

To install:

$ cd outernet-linux-lband-master
$ sudo ./

During installation, you will be asked to decide whether you wish to configure udev. By default, access to the SDR dongles is restricted to root. The udev rules relax these rules so that any user can acess them.

You will also be asked to create the temporary download folder as well as the download folder. The temporary download folder is used to store incomplete downloads, while the download folder is the final destination for the downloaded files. You can chose to create these folders later by youself, or have the installer create them (default).


If the installer is asked to create the download folders, the created folders will be world-writable (any user will have read-write access to them).